Gary Johnson: A Chance for Change

Published at September 23, 2018 12:00 PM
New Mexico Politico

In 2016, America saw the flaws of its system. Corruption stomped hope in the DNC, brashness stomped reason in the RNC, and apathy defeated the nation in the voting booth. These are a consequence of the two-party system that has plagued The United States for over a century.  Fortunately, New Mexico has the power to break that system this November.

New Mexico has a true third party candidate with a good chance to win. That candidate is none other than former Governor Gary Johnson. Gov. Johnson has name recognition in this state and even polls almost double that of the republican candidate, Mick Rich. This puts our beautiful state in the position to make history. Gov. Johnson would be the first libertarian senator and could normalize third parties in The United States. This shows that he would not only benefit one party or one state, but instead benefit every independent voter in every state.

Gov. Johnson would work to fix the broken system. For instance, The United States has been in war longer than most high schoolers. America policing of the world has led to endless wars and deeper debt. The money we spend on wars could better be spent in your pocket. The enemies made in the rubble of bombs could be future allies. Gov. Johnson would fight to restore Congress’s war powers. Something is seriously wrong when President Trump can bomb Syria without consent from Congress. Gov. Johnson wants to think before sending our soldiers to fight. He cares about lives both here and abroad.

Gov. Johnson cares about everyone, no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation. He supports common sense immigration. Instead of building a wall, he wants to build a better pathway to citizenship. If immigrants have an easier way to become a citizen, then they’ll take those steps instead of entering the country illegally. Currently, there are so many bureaucratic walls blocking citizenship that making a physical wall just underlines the preexisting problem. America has gained immensely from immigration. Gov. Johnson wants to keep that tradition going.

Speaking of traditions, Gov. Johnson implemented the lottery scholarship as governor. This scholarship has helped countless students attend college. Unfortunately, there remain several problems for students looking for a college education. Students go into massive debt for their degrees. This debt ruins lives and encourages prices to further skyrocket. Gov. Johnson supports the right to default on student loan debt. This would increase the risk in raising a student’s debt. The higher the debt, the more likely the student is to default; thus, the loaning agency would think twice before crushing today’s youth with debt. This policy would also encourage colleges to lower tuition. Without the guaranteed money from students or the government, colleges would have to offer reasonable prices and better services. By investing in education, Gov. Johnson has, and will continue to, invest in the future of New Mexico.

In the end, that’s what a vote for Gov. Gary Johnson is: an investment in the future. An investment for independents, immigrants, students, and soldiers. He has helped New Mexico before and he will again. We have a chance to change the country, let’s not waste it.

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