New Mexico Deserves a Strong, Independent Voice in the United States Senate

You Know Gary Johnson. 

He served two terms as Governor, cutting waste, cutting taxes, and making government work better for the people of New Mexico. His approach was simple, and honest: If it was the right thing to do, party labels didn’t matter. Special interests didn’t matter. Taxpayers, New Mexico families, and honesty mattered.

The federal government is broken. Self-interest, partisan squabbles and harsh divisiveness have given us a Congress that’s incapable of dealing with even the most fundamental issues, beginning with a $21 trillion debt we are about to hand over to our children.

Governor Gary Johnson believes if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. That’s why he’s asking New Mexicans to send him to the United States Senate. One Senator, fiercely independent and loyal only to the people he serves, can be the spark that ignites the change we so urgently need.

New Mexico has an opportunity to send that Senator to Washington. You know him. His name is Gary Johnson.