New Mexico Deserves a Strong, Independent Voice in the United States Senate

Practical Reform. No Walls. Assimilation.

New Mexicans understand immigration. Long before immigration -- and immigrants themselves -- became pawns in a huge political game, we had learned to share a border with Mexico, welcome those who want to come here to work and make better lives for their families, and appreciate the tremendous contributions they make.

Having served as Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson knows the complex issues associated with immigration reform first hand. Solving immigration problems is not as easy as building a wall or militarizing OUR border with Mexico.

And separating parents from their children, and putting those children in detention centers is most certainly not a solution to anything.

Politicians who have for too long played on fear and demonized immigrants have rendered Congress incapable of common sense reforms. A straightforward system that allows immigrants to obtain work visas and move back and forth across the border efficiently will go a very long way toward reducing illegal entry and allow the government to focus resources on actual criminals and those who would do us harm.

Gary Johnson doesn’t want a Wall. He wants a common sense system that works.