New Mexico Deserves a Strong, Independent Voice in the United States Senate

The Tax Code Does All the Wrong Things

Today’s federal tax code does all the wrong things. It penalizes productivity, savings and investment, while rewarding inefficiency and designating winners and losers according to political whim.

As Governor, Gary Johnson worked with a Democratic legislature to cut New Mexico taxes on incomes, gasoline and small businesses.

For far too long, federal tax laws have been used not just as a means to collect needed revenues, but as a way for special interests to penalize their competitors while subsidizing themselves. The result is a tax code that is more than 70,000 pages long, enforced by a government agency with almost 100,000 employees. The result is a nightmare for the average American and unfair advantages for those with the means to manipulate the politicians.

Gary Johnson advocates lower taxes, the elimination of special interest loopholes, and a system that is both simple and fair.